We are back in Durban after driving a loop down the east coast, back up the west coast and across the country east home to Durban. This was probably the last time we will embark on such an ambitious odyssey, and it was particularly hard on my parents, now in their mid eighties. We have all agreed that next time we will pick a place to stay in a wonderful location offering full board, and venture out on different “mini sorties” from there. Anyway, here are a couple more images of scenes along the way. Here it is, Thursday evening in South Africa – it’s hard to imagine that I’ll be back at my desk in Charleston on Monday morning – a world away.Fishing boats beached at Paternoster, Western CapeBrightly colored washing drying outside a shanty near Aliwal NorthHerding cattle home for the night in the Drakensberg mountainsOne of many long straight roads that cross the Karoo desert. It would be very hard to keep awake if you were driving aloneSome of the family after lunch at The Vineyard, Cape Town