week we scheduled an hour in Holy City Helicopter’s R44, expertly piloted by
Dylan, for the purpose of photographing our hydro survey vessel working in the
Cooper River.  It was a beautiful day with great visibility, even though
as a rule I prefer to do aerial photography in the late afternoon.  Since
the chopper moves a lot quicker than the boat, we had some time to photograph
other stuff while we were waiting for them to get to their next location. 
Communication efforts between us and the boat captain were interesting, and
after trying radio, texting and cellphones, we finally resorted to good old
hand signals out the (non-existent) chopper doors. Here are some of the images we captured as
we buzzed around.
GEL Hydro Survey boat in the Charleston port, Cooper River

Midstream Terminal, Cooper River
Phil’s hand signals – um … say again?

Riverside Park, North Charleston

Shipyard Creek, North Charleston

CCPRC’s Cooper River Marina

The Citadel Military College Campus