Fires are burning everywhere it seems. I am so fortunate to have been here in the Tetons last week before it all started, because now you can barely see the mountains for the smoke. This image was taken in the Tetons this afternoon.I had an anxious moment when the small gravel road that I was exploring dead-ended, and it seemed as though the fire was racing up behind me. Actually it was the first time in my life that I availed myself of the 911 service, but I didn’t want to turn around and run into a line of fire. Anyway, all was well since the fire was a safe distance from me – it was just the smoke that was very intimidating.Later on, I re-visited the Triangle X Ranch at the time I knew they would be turning the horses out to pasture overnight. I think I would enjoy working on a dude ranch. Maybe in the spring after Leigh and Josh are married, and when I win the lottery…The wranglers are really friendly and now I even get a ride in the pick-up to the pasture, so I don’t have to walk with all my gear.This is Chase, a sheepdog who specializes in herding horses through the pasture gate. She follows them through the creek and makes sure they are all accounted for. I’ll be back there again one more time tomorrow.