What can I say, I live in the Lowcountry, so that’s most of what ends up on this blog.  This is pretty cool however.  Earlier this year, a neighbor and I were very involved in the survival of owlets that had been born to parents who had built a very inadequate nest in their yard.  Actually my neighbors did all of the work and I mostly photographed them šŸ™‚ We think one owlet probably didn’t make it, but one certainly did and he now has his big boy feathers and is hunting along with his parents in the marsh and island forest that adjoins our neighborhood.  Yesterday evening we took a paddle down the creek at high tide to see how the family was doing.  We spotted the juvenile (see below) and he seems to be doing great, but the others were not to be seen, at least not last evening.  It was hot, and we were more than ready for a shower when we were done, but it was a lot of fun.  Here are some of the images I took.
Great Horned Owl – all grown up

Banana Spider – forest inhabitant

Kayak beached on the little island

Creek at high tide

Dale photographing something

Almost home!