This is not an easy subject to photograph. Firstly, there are often many people wandering through your frame and understandably, they are in no hurry to move. Just when one bunch drifts off, another will arrive. Secondly, the best weather conditions would be even, overcast light – nothing too bright or dark. Also, the colors should be nicely saturated after it’s been raining. With all this in mind, I took a drive there during a break in the weather this afternoon. I was surprised to find that there were quite a few people there, despite the miserable weather. It’s amazing what an attraction this old tree is. Of course everyone has to be photographed standing underneath it too. The light was ok, but not ideal, and for some reason my wide angle lens was giving me a lot of flare. Anyway, you learn something from everything you do – if you know what’s good for you – and I learned from the trip. Not quite sure what, but I know I did. Tomorrow I might head for a swamp – depending on the weather. I do love my weekends!