This was an experiment.  I chose Hunting Island not only because it is a beautiful part of South Carolina, but also because if car camping became intolerable at any point, I was only an hour and half drive away from home.  As it was, I had a site reserved for two nights (the minimum required) and was very happy to drive home to my own bed for the second night.  It was fun in a limited way, but there is just not enough space in the back of a SUV for food, clothing, camping equipment, photography equipment, and me.  Cons were the mosquitos and bugs that chased me into my car prematurely at dusk, and pros were finally finding a use for my moonroof and being able to walk straight on to the beach at dawn.  I stopped in at the St. Helena Parish Chapel of Ease ruins, and the old store in Seabrook on my way home.  All in all, another interesting adventure to add to my collection.