That’s not as simple as it sounds, thanks to road closures, detours, and slow traffic. However, I’m on vacation and not trying to beat the traffic to work. The bison (we need to eat more steak) are everywhere, and they particularly enjoy just standing in the middle of the road. Everything comes to a halt and people seem happy just to wait until it pleases the beasts to move.Then I snapped this guy giving himself a great back scratch on the road sign that warns drivers about wildlife on the roadway! I wonder if he can read.A wildfire was burning near Fishing Bridge so visibility was poor due to the smoke for awhile. It did make for an interesting image though.One of the things I wanted to do in Cody was to photograph the Old Trail Town outdoor museum of original log cabins, wagons, and other western memorabilia that have been salvaged from all over and brought to this place to be preserved. It is fascinating, especially when you realize how simply these folks lived. When I looked at the wagons with their wooden wheels and lack of any suspension etc., I vowed never again to despise my car – whatever I drive.