This year I was determined not to miss the Fall color display in the Blue Ridge/Smoky Mountain areas of North Carolina.Every time I visit, I realize that I need at least a week to explore all the roads less traveled, especially on a weekend when the BRP becomes a parking lot. I spent a lot of time (and a lot of gas) chasing rabbit trails sometimes, but that’s the fun of photography. If you knew that you were going to hit the jackpot around every corner, it wouldn’t be so much fun.I have a lot of images with gorgeous colored foliage, but for here and now I tried to pick a few that were different for various reasons.Today I traveled from Black Mountain up and down the parkway a little (before everyone else was up and about) and then took the rural roads to Max Patch Bald, Cherokee, Hot Springs. Tomorrow I will move back East, ending up in Statesville where there is a hot air balloon festival in progress.