When we left South Africa almost 25 years ago, the one thing we knew we couldn’t live without was boerewors (literally translated from the Dutch “farmers’ sausage”).  It is a traditional South African sausage, flavored with a unique blend of coriander and other spices, ubiquitously available in every grocery store.  The solution was obvious – we had to secure a supply of the spices and learn how to blend and produce it here.  This we have been doing for a long time. Our kids were enlisted at a young age and allocated a task on the production line, be it packaging the finished product in ziplock bags for freezing, cleaning the skins, or stuffing the ground beef and pork mix into the grinder.  We are now on to the next generation of trained helpers, as these images testify.  Viva Boerewors!

Still a little young, but not by much

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