I was back at the beach this afternoon, but it was for a different reason.  I was babysitting my granddaughter. The crowds have left for the most part, it was a weekday afternoon, so few locals were there either.  I love that on Folly you can still feel as though it’s your very own beach.  I was photographing Euphrates as she explored the tidal pools and dashed fearlessly in and out of the surf, and for so many of the resulting images, she was the only person in the frame.  How awesome is that! In the summer I will find other places to go, but now and for the next few months, it’s all mine.  I even get offended that I am expected to put money in a box to park down there, but if you hunt around you can usually find a free spot on the street.  Here me, Town of Folly Beach, charge the tourists in the summer if you have to, but leave the locals be.