I only heard today that Mr. Thomas Backman (aka Mr. Love) passed away four days ago on November 20th.  I don’t yet even know the details, but I know that Charleston and the Low Country has lost a treasure.  To me he represented all that was iconic about the South; the creeks, marshes, shrimping, oysters, the stories… Oh my, he loved to tell stories.  I only met him about five years ago, but he was patient and tolerant with me and my camera.  I wanted to take a new set of portraits of him on his trawler, but he didn’t like posing so he would wave me off on that subject, and launch into another story about how it was on the island back in the day.  He was always tinkering with something on his boat, getting it ready to get back to working the seas again.  I know he was loved and respected by all and that he will be sorely missed by many.  To his family and his community I extend my sincere condolences.  He was a man of faith, so I know it is not goodbye, but you have dipped beneath my horizon for the moment.  Your boat slipped its moorings and you are home.  This photo was taken on his dock in May of 2011.