So this year I tagged along with some friends who have a tradition of doing Thanksgiving differently. Instead of eating themselves into a stupor, they choose to hike. The origin of this tradition is another story for another time, but this year they invited me to tag along, and it was unforgettable for many reasons. I think we will be laughing at the memories for many years to come.

Firstly, when we left Charleston at about 9am, it was sunny and warm so we set off appropriately dressed, except that as we neared our destination, Poinsetta State Park in Sumter, SC, the weather had changed somewhat, and it was pouring with rain and about 65 degrees. Determined to make the best of it, we drove around until we found a covered shelter (not abundantly available), and happily spread out our picnic lunch. It was not a minute later that cars started arriving at our shelter and we were informed that it had been reserved for a family Thanksgiving gathering – a year in advance. We begged for 20 minutes grace so we could bolt our food before packing up and leaving. Reluctantly they agreed and started setting up their dinner around us.

Undaunted we packed up and drove off in the rain in search of a hiking trail, only to find that the one we had picked was closed because of the hunting season. Heads up y’all, this place is in the middle of nowhere so cellphone service was not helpful when trying to weigh our route options, and the printed maps are a little vague. Long story short, we laughed a lot, got a little exercise, a little indigestion, and great memories. For 2020, what would you expect anyway!?