Well after anticipating this trip for over a year, I finally left Charleston on the east coast early yesterday morning and landed 16 hours later in Alaska’s capital, Juneau.  The sun was still shining, albeit faintly through an overcast sky.  I was pretty tired, having got up early to catch my flight anyway, but I ran into my friends eating dinner in the hotel dining room, so I ordered some dinner and a glass wine and joined them.  I fell into bed exhausted only to be woken by my friend Nancy who finally also made it across the continent from Charleston. We rented a car for a day and these are some of the places we visited today.
Mendenhall Lake and the glacier in the background

Waterfall flowing into Mendenhall Lake and Glacier

Auke Bay along Glacier Highway

We stopped here for lunch – a popular local hang-out

The fries were REALLY good!