Funny this blog thing. You type, you click a button, and whoosh off it goes into cyberspace and sits out there somewhere – available for viewing by anyone. Thank goodness I don’t have to understand how these things work in order to appreciate them. Here’s an illustrative story for you. Einstein, it is said, was once asked by a layperson to explain how radio works.
“Well,” he said, “first I need to explain the telegraph. The telegraph is like a giant cat. The cat’s head might be in New York, and the cat’s tail in London. You pull on the tail in London, and the cat meows in New York. That’s the telegraph. “The radio is just like that. Only there’s no cat.”

Anyway Mum, thanks for keeping me accountable and for checking this. It’s just been so dreary that there was honestly nothing to photograph for the past couple of days, and I was too busy to create something. Here, though is what the sky looked like when I got home from work today.