After we had made our way down from Hunt’s Mesa, everyone said their goodbyes and went their different ways.  I headed for the North Rim, Grand Canyon, about a 4 hour drive from Monument Valley via Page.  I arrived just in time for sunset which unfortunately was a non-event, since a heavy layer of clouds obscured the sun.  It was part of a moving weather system that was responsible for all the flooding in Zion, Utah a day or so previously.  Oh well, can’t win ’em all, and if you don’t show up, you can’t win any.  The next morning more than made up for my disappointment however as the storm was clearing out of the area and the sun broke through with glorious diffused light.  I had been waiting in the cold pre-dawn for forty five minutes, thinking I would have to get ahead of the usual crowd of photographers, but no one else showed up. There was a howling gale roaring through the canyon, and it was all I could do to hold on to my tripod.  Sometimes I had to anchor myself to the railing around the view point; another mini adventure but I was happy to pay the price.