This is my second night at the Antler Inn, Jackson, Wyoming. Last night I crashed after spending the best part of the day in planes and airports. This morning I woke up at 4.45am which would be normal if I were still on the east coast, but very early for mountain time.Anyway, since I couldn’t go back to sleep, I made some nasty coffee, grabbed a breakfast bar and hit the road.I didn’t get back again until after 7pm and I must have put a good couple hundred miles on the rental car, which is by the way a Kia Sportage, same as mine. That was convenient since I didn’t have to learn where all the controls were when I picked it up last night and headed into the dark unknown.Anyway, the Teton National Park is beautiful. The colors are still a good 10 days away from peaking here, so I’m going to leave for Yellowstone earlier than planned, then return for a couple of days, hoping that the aspens and cottonwoods will all be yellow.Here are some of the pics from today’s activities.