I left South Africa last night and flew 15+ hours non-stop to JFK in New York where I am now waiting for my flight back to Charleston this afternoon.  Soon my 2018 African adventure will fade as it transitions into the normalcy of my life in Charleston, but I thought I would post one more set of wildlife images.  These were taken early yesterday morning (hard to believe sitting here a world away in this dreary terminal) as lion were stalking a herd of Impala.  As you can see, the buck were very aware of the presence of the lion and they were on high alert.  As it turned out, the lions decided they weren’t that hungry, and settled down for an extended snooze in the shade of a thorn tree. The large golden dominant lion walked within 2 feet of me while I was sitting in the Land Rover.  I kept my camera to my eye and held my breath as he strode by, his royal status on full display.