There are still places in this day of advanced technology where you can still get very lost.  Google let me down big time (or maybe I should shift the blame to Verizon) because when they can’t find you, you can’t find anything.  I was happily following a road that dead-ended into a new highway that is being created somewhere west of Myrtle Beach.  Don’t ask me for more details because I have no idea where I was.  While Google remained obstinately silent, my on board nav system screeched every 15 seconds for me to do a legal u-turn, a futile option since it was directing me in “square circles”, not being in the loop concerning the new highway.  Suffice it to say that I probably drove more miles than I needed to (and burned more gas), but I am safely home with a determination to search out “downloadable maps”.  One plus for the interstates, better signage and cellphone coverage.
Brattonsville Historic District, McConnell, SC
Barn at Brattonsville
Cotton bud

One of my favorite rail bridges over the Santee on Hwy.41
Another favorite landmark on Hwy.45 – only one gas pump left (used to be 2)