Next stop on my whirlwind tour of the Southwest was Page, AZ. I had admired the beauty of the Antelope slot canyons, both upper and lower for years.  Both are amazing, but the Lower Antelope Canyon is usually less crowded because it requires more effort to access. There is a walk to the entry point, and then follow a series of ladders, some very steep, going down on to the canyon floor.  I chose the less crowded option and took the Photographer’s Tour which is more expensive but allows tripods and smaller groups – very necessary and not enough to allow for the time it takes to do this justice.  You still feel rushed with people pressing from behind and guides herding and prodding, but you do the best you can. Another location checked off my bucket list.  One feels a greater sense of urgency as one gets older.  Who knows how long I will still be nimble enough to climb up and down ladders and squeeze through tiny gaps šŸ™‚