I have taken so many images in the last few days and I really wanted to be able to post them as we went along, but since there was no mechanism for that due to non-existent internet service I am playing catch-up.  Here are some more, taking us up to yesterday – our last full day at sea.  The opportunity to photograph the humpback whale breaching was a wonderful gift.  Some of our crew who travel that route regularly throughout the summer have never seen this display. If I had to complain about anything, I would say that I would have preferred a soft evening light to have illuminated the water streaming from its body as it powered through the air šŸ™‚

MV Liseron, The Boat Company’s converted minesweeper

Curious sea lions 
Ford’s Terror – famous for strong tidal currents

Nancy on an early morning kayak ride

One of countless rocky islands at low tide with seaweed clinging to the rocks

Sea plane landing alongside us when we were anchored in a cove for the night

Tidal flats at the beginning of Sea Lion Cove trail, Kruzof Island near Sitka

Humpback Whale breaching in Salisbury Sound

Showing off in Salisbury Sound, Alaska