Valle Crucis area

The Mast Farm Inn, Valle Crucis

Equestrian Center in Valle Crucis

Twin Tunnels, Lookout Point, Old Fort
So this morning I was back on the road before sunrise looking for some soft early light in the Valle Crucis area.  Clouds completely nixxed that idea so after awhile I decided to head back towards Asheville, my last port of call for this Fall trip.  On the way I thought I would revisit twin tunnels that I had photographed a few years ago in the Black Mountain area.  I had made a mental note at the time to revisit during the Fall.  Long story short, I got lost and walked 8 miles (in inappropriate thin-soled fashion sneakers) with my camera, two lenses and a tripod.  Yes, I found the twin tunnels, but my mind was pre-occupied with trying to remember where I had put the Ibuprofen.  Later, after soaking in a tub of hot water, I figured I would try and find a good sunset spot on the Parkway, but it was very crowded and the light was boring and blah.  So, some days are diamonds and some are rust, and in terms of effort for output, I have certainly had better.