There is something about this old lighthouse that is endearing to so many of us.  Maybe it’s the fact that it has weathered so many storms and it still stands (with a little help from friends), weather-beaten and worn, and even listing a little to one side, but there.  This morning was glorious.  A little cool even at 8am when we took off to fly down to the southern tip of Folly, around Bird Key a couple of times, all the way up to Sullivan’s Island, across Shem Creek, a couple of times over the downtown area, and back to the airport.  I took over 600 photographs in just under an hour and realized when we were almost back that my camera really is HEAVY!  Maybe I’m not as strong as I was 🙁  Anyway, here’s one of the lighthouse, and you’ll probably see more images from this trip over the next few days as I work through them all.