The brand new Harbor View Elementary School just opened on James Island and it is beautiful, thoughtfully designed, with state of the art equipment for the kids.  Steve Coe, the architect, felt strongly that the new facility should communicate to the kids a sense of place and a connection to the past since it is located on property that used to be part of historic McLeod Plantation.  To this end, he has used some of my photography of the ancient oaks.  In addition to the photograph embedded in the huge acrylic wall panel, there are images of oak canopies suspended overhead in more acrylic panels to simulate the effect of light streaming through the tree tops.  Steve also designed the flooring in the hallways to incorporate a ribbon of blue that represents the Wappoo Creek, a critical component of the plantation’s operation.  The “creek” eventually meanders through the door and to the playground.  Kudos to Steve and his team for an excellent job well done.
Steve Coe, Ken and Carol Jacobsen, Vanessa K

Looking down to the front entrance from the second floor

Historic map of the old McLeod Plantation

I’m proud to have been a part of it

The “Wappoo Creek” flows out the door and to the playground