Well January 1st seems as good a day as any to begin a blog. All the usual resolutions are running through my head and will be put into practice from tomorrow. That is because there is one last excessive event to enjoy before I get back into some semblance of a diet and exercise regime.
Can’t say I’m too sorry to see the back of 2008. As years go, it was average. I’m grateful that my health is good and that I still have a great job – sadly many don’t. I also got to spend some time with family in South Africa which was great. There were all kinds of photo opportuntities too – paid gigs and just for fun stuff, some of which you can see here http://vanessak.com
If I was really to find anything to whine about, I would have to say overall it was kinda blah – even boring. I feel like I need a major change, like maybe pick up and move somewhere completely different. Who says you have to live all your life in one place? Who says you need to have a formal reason to move, such as a career change or family issue. Hmmmmm. On the other hand, these are difficult times, and one should probably exercise prudence when tempted to toss all familiarity and security out of the window in exchange for unknown horizons?
Well, so much for these opening, somewhat hungover ponderings at 8.30am on New Years Day.

Retrospectively inserting my image for today (see January 2nd’s idea) taken at Sunrise Park, James Island late afternoon.