Fall is such a special time of year, and we don’t get to see much evidence of it in Charleston, so this weekend I took another trip upstate. This time I based myself in Greenville (my son lives there, so cheap hotel!) and struck out mainly in Pickens County and around Lake Jocassee.  Only folks who really want it have the photo of the lake from Jumping-Off Rock, the reason being that it takes over an hour to get there from the SC 215 along Horse Pasture Road, bouncing along a bone-jarring trail, hoping that your tires are going to hold up to the abuse. Actually it took me well over an hour because I stopped so many times to photograph the forest in its fall splendor.  Oh, and another hazard was dodging the hunters who swarm all over the forest at this time of year.  I felt a little vulnerable without my orange ball cap. This time on the way back, I took the SC 321 and 178 South from Columbia.  The cotton is mostly harvested and the soybeans are still hanging in there (pardon the pun).