It’s late so I don’t have any torrent of poetic prose today – sorry to disappoint my throngs of regular readers .. We decided to hire a car and drive to Seoul. The train ride (with one connection) takes 4 hours, and Leigh can’t ride a bus (2 hour trip) because of motion sickness, so we left early this morning and hit the road. One little problem was that our GPS only spoke Korean which sent us in a few circles. Another little problem was dense fog so needless to say our trip to Seoul ended up taking 4 hours and was stressful. We met up with the Han family, friends we hadn’t seen for years, and they took us for a traditional Korean lunch – an education in plant and animal life never before seen by me on a dinner plate. After that we wandered around Itaewon, a trendy area of Seoul frequented by a melting pot of international residents and visitors. Fortunately the Korean GPS guided us home via a more direct route and only took about 2 hours.