About a year ago I had just (thankfully) driven into my garage during a tremendous storm when the air seemed to explode all around me with a deafening roar.  Instinctively I ducked to the ground and soon realized that lightning had struck very close by.  I think it is hard to imagine the power of a strike unless you have experienced one at close hand. Sure enough, one of our beautiful old live oaks had taken the hit; as evidenced by multiple chunks of splintered bark jettisoned in every direction and a sort of burning smell. Nearby electrical outlets were blackened and warped and a few modems etc. needed to be replaced inside the house.  
Years back we lost a beautiful Water Oak quite nearby when a contractor merrily took his trench digging machine and chopped all the roots along one entire side of the tree.  It took awhile to die, but we had to eventually get it taken out or risk it falling.  It was like losing an old friend.
This one hasn’t been taken out altogether, but the necessary pruning has left it malformed, misshapen, like a disfigured amputee.  I know it’s only a tree (as opposed to a person), but it’s a sad sight.
The pruning process today