For awhile now I have been meaning to visit an old family friend who lives in Savannah, and on Friday I had a 24 hour window of opportunity, so after work I headed south.  My early evening plan was to photograph the downtown squares and parks, adorned with azaleas aplenty in riotous Spring color.  Another planned stop was Forsythe Park’s historic fountain, one of my favorite photo subjects.  Well, the best laid plans sometimes unravel and mine did.  The lighting was flat, not golden as I had anticipated, there was hardly an azalea bloom in sight, and to add insult to injury there was no water in the Forsythe Park fountain. Apparently a recent heavy downpour had done away with the azaleas and the fountain was dry due to planned maintenance.  Fortunately my disappointments ended there and the rest of the weekend was delightful.  An additional bonus was the completion of the two lane highway all the way to the I-95, finally.  It is wonderful – great job and many thanks to those responsible; I am happy to have donated my tax dollars.
Forsythe Park Animal Hospital

Christ Church, Adams Run
Colonial Cemetery, Savannah