Having tried multiple ways to keep the squirrels from plundering my bird feeders, I finally found some wisdom that works. The trick is to provide a diversion and entice them away. This is apparently a very common dilemma for backyard bird lovers, as I discovered when I googled “squirrel feeders”. After reading many reviews, I picked a nice compromise between reputedly worthless and excessively indulgent, and ended up with one that provided much amusement for about 5 days. It seems that ultimately the structure was unable to support the weight of one of my heftier squirrels and the bottom fell out. As an experiment, the price was certainly worth the cost of admission for days of entertainment, however I didn’t want to replace it every week. Today I found one at Lowe’s that seems much sturdier so it will go into service tomorrow much to the delight of the birds and squirrels. Just trying to keep everyone happy 🙂