No posts recently because I am without a camera.  It’s amazing how often
I miss it throughout the day.  I go to pick it up to take in the car,
or to record something and darn, I forgot I don’t have it. 
Unfortunately when it needs servicing or repair it has to go to Nikon in
New York and who knows when it will return.  Right now, they’re waiting
on a part and they can’t tell me how long it will take to get the part –

So I went through some recent folders and found this image that I took
for a friend, master wooden boat-builder John Martin.  This particular
craft, the Edisto Solo, was going to be offered at a silent auction
recently, and the event organizers needed a photo of it for their
promotional materials.  For more of John’s work, or to inquire about a
custom made wooden boat, visit his website  here.