I am in South Africa visiting family right now and I have to say that something stirs in my soul every time that big ol’ jet touches down at Johannesburg International Airport.  It doesn’t stir for long because then the realization hits that I have to clear customs, passport control, and then wait another two hours for my connection and almost three hour flight to my final destination, Cape Town.  
Anyway after I had slept it off it felt wonderful to be back and I happily settled back into my African life.  This time my mom is having hip replacement surgery so a lot of time has been spent shuttling back and forth to the hospital. Nevertheless she is doing well, all things being considered, not the least of which is her ripe old age of 88.  God is good.  I did spend this last weekend with Sister #2 in the winelands area of Paarl and Franschhoek, heaven on earth, so here are a couple of images from my travels.
Franschhoek Valley

Rainbow’s End Wine Estate

Vineyards along Zevenrivieren Road, Stellenbosch

Gum Tree Allee, Allee Bleue, R45 Franschhoek