This has been a very adventurous weekend – albeit unintentionally. Today in my efforts to get a unique marsh perspective on Edisto, I almost succumbed to the pluff mud. In fact my boots are now buried somewhere, to be discovered in a couple centuries, studied and labeled as historic artifacts. I should have known better, but it’s a reminder that it may look innocuous, but trust me, it can be dangerous. This image is of Sunnyside Plantation, Edisto Island. It was built in approximately 1870 and is significant as one of the few remaining, relatively intact, immediate post-Civil War sea island cotton plantations on Edisto.
The day before at a sidewalk cafe in Savannah, a gust of wind lifted my paper plate full of beef curry and rice (with peas, carrots, etc.) and distributed it evenly from my neck (including hair) to my knees. Since I was away from home and had no opportunity to change, I spent the rest of the day thus decorated.