Not great, but better. We are still working on some unresolved issues, but that’s ok. Dad always said to sleep on stuff (paraphrased) and not be in a hurry to act. Good advice. Tonight I’m cooking up a storm in the kitchen because we have a soup and chili contest at work tomorrow lunchtime. This has become an annual tradition, and competition for the title of chili champion by popular vote is fierce. Lots of rivalry, provocative emails going back and forth. Well tomorrow it will be decided (at least for another year) and so may the best “man” win. Funny how things have flip-flopped. Men have definitely evolved in this area over the years. My father’s generation never set foot in the kitchen and I’m still not sure whether he knows how to boil an egg to this day. (Dad, if you’re reading this feel free to rebut!)
Today’s photos feature the fresh produce section of my local Publix.