Curry spices, Saffron, Marsalas, all kinds of blends for flavorful cooking
Stopping at a street vendor for hot, freshly cooked mielies (corn)
Young lady who sold me some souvenier bead bracelets
Well here I am back in South Africa again for a two week visit.  I arrived at Durban’s King Shaka Airport late last night and there was Mum waiting for me, waving excitedly.  Tomorrow we will head for one of my all time favorite places, the Drakensberg Mountains for a couple of days, but today was a good day for walking around the old traditional Durban markets, taking in the familiar sights and smells, and becoming acquainted with a few new ones.  After all, it has been a few years since I wandered through central Durban.  In some ways, nothing has changed and in other ways, everything has changed.

Bovine Head Cookers Market (yes, it is what it sounds like it is)