Today I have explored the area around Gardiner, Montana. This town is the northern gateway to Yellowstone National Park. The wonderful thing about travel is that you discover places that are really like the storybook versions. Yes, some of the stores etc. are very tourist oriented, but the people who live here, that own the local grocery stores and take-out places, they are the real thing. Anyway, I went back to Mammoth today to re-visit the hot springs, and also to be entertained by the elk who seem to dictate how life goes in that town. Right now, the elk rut is in full swing, and one bull moose is preoccupied with overseeing his harem of approximately 30 cows, all residing in the town square.The rangers have their work cut out protecting both the elk and the tourists and keeping traffic moving throgh the town. Today’s images are a collage of Gardiner scenes, elk in Mammoth and a video of Angel Terrace hot spring; lower resolution this time for the web. Next time I’ll turn the sound off on the camera which will take care of the wind noise and babbling tourists.