Today was set aside for a trip to Savannah to visit the famed “Bridal Mart” in search of the dress. We really didn’t get going until about 11am and then by the time we got to Savannah everyone was starving, so after lunch at the Crackerbarrel at exit 94 it was about 3pm before we even found the store. It is totally overwhelming to walk into the prospect of hundreds of white dresses hanging on racks – where does one start… Leigh walked over to a dress on a mannequin, fell in love with it, tried it on (fit like a glove) and so we bought it. We spent less time in the store than in Crackerbarrel and everyone was ecstatic because it was definitely made for her. Mercifully so, because by the time we hauled back up the I-95, crawled a few miles because of an accident, and finally made it home, everyone was exhausted. But …. we’ve got the dress!!