The thing about spending four days somewhere on a photographic mission is that one feels obliged to pack the maximum into the time you have.  Plane fares, car rentals, and hotel stays are not cheap so you had better produce as many images as possible in the time you have, and they need to be good.  An hour before sunrise we are in place, watching for the first glow of light to hit the red rock monoliths, and after twilight has faded into dark, we are still busy, trying to record shooting stars streaking across the Milky Way.  Tomorrow morning I start driving back to Las Vegas to fly back east, with one last sunrise shoot planned on the way.  I mustn’t get too distracted – my plane won’t wait for me…
Moonset and dawn over the Court of the Patriachs

Satellite moves across the night sky over the Virgin River

Water Canyon

The Watchman in late afternoon

Firey Cottonwoods near Watchman Campground