The Wild Side of Folly

Some of my favorite times to experience Folly Beach are when it’s wild and gray and gusty. Sunny days with children paddling and colorful beach umbrellas are great, but so are the days when storm squalls race across the sand and you know you have no chance to outrun them. The clouds are unruly and the sand is stinging, but it’s wonderfully beautiful all the same. This was such a day.

Hurrying Home Before Dark

These are the last images from the recent Savannah flight that I will post on this blog. If you want to see a wider selection, please visit

Harbour Town and the Sea Pines Resort, Hilton Head Island

There is a lot that is addictive about buzzing around in the warm summer air, pretending you are a bird and looking at the world from a completely different perspective. I am already looking forward to and planning my next flight.

Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina
Hwy174 and the Dawhoo Bridge, Edisto Island
Coming in to land after sunset at Charleston International Airport

Port Royal & Parris Island

Parris Island

One of my aerial targets on the recent trip down to Savannah was the Beaufort area. These images specifically cover the area of Port Royal and Parris Island. The sun was setting as we circled and the flooded marshes and creeks reflected the sky. What a privilege to live in the lowcountry!

Fishcamp on 11th Street with shrimp trawlers
Parris Island, Battery Creek, and Ribaut Road
Port Royal Reach and Battery Creek, SC

Summer Storm over Charleston

We seem to be in a familiar pattern where after the intense heat of the day, summer storms form and unleash their energy in the late afternoons. This is always an opportunity for creating dramatic images, and this lightning strike was shot over the downtown Charleston skyline, under a canopy of broiling clouds.

Savannah, GA from the Air

Savannah, GA and the Savannah River

My passion for a few years now has been aerial photography, and not using a drone but rather shooting from a helicopter. It is challenging and exhilarating all at the same time, and this trip was no exception. Having covered pretty much all of Charleston and the surrounding area, my plan was to extend my library of aerials to include our sister city, Savannah GA. It is a long way to fly in an R22 and the route had to be carefully planned around fuel stops and airspace rules. Holy City Helicopters came through magnificently and Kyle, my skilled and patient pilot was more than up to the task. It was a 3+ hour flight and we got back after dark. I have over 1,600 images to sort through and edit from Rockville, Seabrook, Edisto, Hunting Island, Pritchards Island, Hilton Head, Daufuskie Island, Tybee Island and then all the way back. It will take me awhile, but I will post more from time to time as I go.

Savannah looking Northwest towards the port and Talmadge Memorial Bridge
Container Ship sailing under the Talmadge Memorial Bridge
Edisto River at Sunset

Bird Key Stono Heritage Preserve

Through most of the year, this small barrier island is just another one of many off the coast of the Carolinas, but during breeding and nesting season, it comes alive with activity. The diversity of shorebirds that crowd this space is nothing short of mind boggling, and the cacophony of squawking is carried on the wind for some distance. The smell also alerts you to your imminent arrival at the shores of the island. It is illegal to land, and really you should not get close enough that you change the natural behavior of the birds. These are a few images from our boat trip out there yesterday evening.

Morris Island Lighthouse comes to life!

I have photographed this iconic lighthouse for years in and out of season, at night, at sunrise, in good and bad weather, but this was the first time I had seen it all lit up, doing what it was built to do. This beloved relic should be fully restored as a necessary and integral part of Charleston’s history. Support “Save the Light” at

Morris Island Lighthouse lit up for 4th July
Morris Island Lighthouse lit up for 4th July

Love taking Family Portraits

I took photos of this little guy before he was born when we did Mom’s maternity portraits, and now he has just turned one. How time flies. So much fun to watch families grow. Here are a few of my favorites from today’s shoot, all converted to black and white or sepia. I find that sometimes color can be a distraction, and monotones allow one to better focus on the expressions and personalities of the subjects.

Couple more images from the mountains …

Before moving on to other things, here are just a couple more memories from last weekend in the hills of Western North Carolina, one of my favorite “Happy Places”.

Cascade on Carson Creek
Forest Ferns Abstract (a happy accident!)
Dupont State Forest, Cedar Mountain
Sunrise at Fred Symmes Chapel, YMCA Greenville county (Pretty Place)

Transylvania County, NC

View of Gwynn Valley from Connestee Falls

For me this area has become a magnet. Over the years I have visited the Brevard area many times through different seasons and have been seduced by its many beautiful attributes. This time, some friends and I rented a cabin in the woods of Connestee Falls. You don’t have to wander much beyond the borders to immerse yourself in scenic streams, cascades, lakes, forests, and mountains. Also, it is a sure refuge when the heat and humidity of Charleston become unbearable!

Lake Atagahi, stars and fireflies, Connestee Falls
Cascade on Carson Creek, Connestee Falls
Raymond working Slick Rock Falls
Chickens at Gwynn Valley Farm

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