COVID 19 Cabin Fever

I know it’s not hard (like when men were called up to war) but it’s just plain boring to sit around at home. Besides, I end up eating way too much, just because I bought all these snacks! Anyway, today I resolved to get outdoors, but where? The beaches, county parks, city parks, golf courses are all closed and I’ve walked my neighborhood until I know it better than I want to. So today I headed south down Highway 17 and explored the area down Bennetts Point Road, including the Donnelley Wildlife Management area in the Ace Basin. Nice, but the gnats and mosquitos definitely rule out there, and no amount of repellent seemed to have any effect. Plus, as soon as you open your car door, they all fly inside. Aside from all that, it was a good day!

Charleston’s Spring Charm

Well it’s becoming more and more difficult to find places to walk since my regular haunts (beach and county parks) are currently off limits. I understand the reason for this and the caution that needs to be exercised, but it’s a shame that an irresponsible and selfish segment of our community makes it necessary by not being willing to follow guidelines for social distancing. Spoils it for everyone. Anyway, that said, I enjoyed a downtown Charleston walk this morning, free of tour groups and general crowds. Every so often a local would pass by walking a dog or carrying a loaf of bread or cup of coffee. So refreshing. Here are some of the Spring sights that I admired along the way.

Peach blossom season in SC

Every couple of years I like to take a road trip up to the Ridge Spring, Johnston, Monetta areas of South Carolina – huge peach growing country. As with crops everywhere, farmers hold their collective breaths as winter transitions into Spring, praying that a late frost won’t blast all the tender new buds and ruin the new crop. The best orchards are to be found in the backroads. The trees are not particularly attractive, but the blossoms are a sight to behold, and every so often a city girl has to inhale some country air.

Super Moon or Worm Moon Rise

The March 9th full moon (also called the Worm Moon by the Old Farmer’s Almanac) is this year’s second-closest full moon. According to, these are the distances between Earth and the moon for the three upcoming full moon supermoons; March 9 222,081 miles away, April 8th 221,851 miles away (the closest this year), and May 7th 224,429 miles away. By contrast, the smallest and most distant full moon of the year will fall on October 31st at a distance of 252,380 miles away.

Field Trip with Grandchild #3

This afternoon I picked up my 5 year old granddaughter, Torah for some one-on-one grandma time. When I arrived, she was ready to go in her sassy boots and with purse slung over her shoulder. We headed out to Fresh Fields at Kiawah to the Palmetto Scent Studio to create a unique olfactory sensation. After sniffing most of the overwhelming selection of scents on offer, she decided that “Mango” was her favorite, so the very patient sales assistant then directed her through the process of blending her aerosol perfume, complete with custom, hand-drawn label. That experience was followed by a visit to Ben & Jerry’s which featured a similarly paralyzing array of icecream flavors. We ate the icecream cones by the lake in the sun while keeping an eye on a large alligator sunning himself at a safe distance. This is important stuff, making memories, spending time.

A Different Maternity Shoot

Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you planned. A lovely young lady who is expecting her first child within a couple of weeks asked me to take some photos of her and her husband. She had a Pinterest board full of ideas and samples of other “mums-to-be” striking poses in sunlit meadows and framed by a setting sun. As is often the case, the weather did not cooperate and we were served up a gray and foggy afternoon. Again, as is often the case, the images turned out to be completely unique for her, different from the others, and very beautiful. We just gotta play the cards we’re dealt, and many times the result is just perfect.

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A New Family Member to Celebrate

A new baby is always a reason to celebrate. This is my son & daughter-in-law’s first child, Elena Mary. She arrived after 24+ hours of hard labor by her mom and had a few minor health challenges to overcome. All is now well and she is beautiful. Welcome to the family little one.

Goodbye 2019

As we roll over another year and look ahead to 2020, may we learn from the mistakes we have made and make amends where appropriate. Life is like potpourri, the good all mixed up with the ugly and the bad. Take the good and build on it, leave the rest behind. This was the western end of Folly Beach last evening, CCPRC’s Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve. Dominion Energy lit the lighthouse from 6pm until 10pm for New Year’s Eve.

A Lowcountry Oyster Roast

One of the markers that sets the rhythm for the changing seasons of Lowcountry life is the classic Southern oyster roast. This is an eagerly anticipated annual event at the company where I work, but we started to get a little concerned at the weather forecasts that all predicted 100% rain for last Friday. No scattered showers here, rather a messy front making its way up from Florida. We hastily ordered bigger tents and made some other contingency plans, and although we had some anxious moments around lunchtime as we bailed out water from inside the tent, the rain let up towards the evening, and it turned into one of the best yet! Whew!

Last few Images from South Africa

Back in the USA and getting into the groove of another Carolina Christmas, but just posting the last few of my favorite images from my South African visit. It’s a brutal 24 hour travel ordeal to get from Charleston to Cape Town, and so this part of the world is not visited frequently by Americans, but it is very popular with European tourists, since the time difference is not so great, and it is a much shorter flight with fewer connections. Those who do endure the trip however, return again and again. Sala kahle for now.

View from the top of Paarl Rock, Paarl, Cape
Jonkershoek Preserve
Last light at Jonkershoek
Evening light, Voelklip, Hermanus

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