The First Day of Fall

The temperature was no indication that anything was different this morning, no obvious sign that the Northern Hemisphere had quietly drifted into the fall season, but there was fog, the first fog of the season. There’s something mysterious and beautiful about the way fog rises and dips among the trees and across the marshes and creeks. Although not strikingly obvious in these photos, the fog softened the landscape and the distant views of marsh and trees.

Portrait Work

I’ve been busy with some Corporate headshots lately. If you need any portraits updated for business, acting, entertainment, or any other reason, get in touch with me through my website,

More from the Blue Ridge Mountains

I’m back home in Charleston, but still basking in the residual beauty of western North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here are a couple more images from my wanderings in the area; mountains, waterfalls, and country scenes.

Downtown Brevard

“It’s got everything you need, and nothing that you don’t”, words borrowed from the Zac Brown Band but totally applicable to this charming mountain town. The people are relaxed and friendly. One of my new Brevard friends told me that if someone honks their horn at you, you know they’re from somewhere else, because the folks just don’t do that here. Great restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, festivals, exhibitions, entertainment; there is always something going on in Brevard. Here are some cameos of my favorite downtown stores. The photo of the trio jamming was taken inside a local bakery – folks just gathering to enjoy music together and the locals going about their business, drinking coffee, working on laptops, and stuffing a couple Dollar bills in the tip jar.

Country Brevard

This town offers the best of both worlds, both country and downtown experiences. The farmland surrounding the town center is quintessential charming, the stuff of childrens’ storybooks. Lush valleys currently supporting fields of corn and cattle, surrounded by blue mountains. I have photographed these areas through different seasons. This is the Summer look.

Old Time Mountain Music Jam

A friend and I are spending a week in Brevard, discovering life as a local here. It’s the best little town, just big enough to offer everything you need, yet small enough that the traffic is manageable and parking spaces can be found downtown, with no meters! Not that we park downtown much because we walk everywhere, for groceries, coffee, dinner, general shopping. We walked to a local church on Sunday. Monday nights at the Oskar Blues Brewery are a treat. Local musicians of all skill levels show up with their instruments and jam together for their enjoyment and free beer. A great time is had by all; kids, dogs, the old and young. Definitely a highlight of my stay here.

The Country Life

I live in the city, an increasingly busy city, but my heart has always been for the country and wide open spaces. This last week or so, I have enjoyed a slightly higher elevation, less humidity, and cooler temperatures in the town of Hillsborough, North Carolina. Keeping me company were my two kids, their spouses, and six grandkids! What fun for these city kids to feed chickens and pigs and collect eggs mornings and evenings. We also found and killed two snakes that were stealing the eggs. Tomorrow I move on to Brevard, my favorite mountain town, but here are some pics from this past week.

Evening falls over Charleston

I had the privilege of being at the top of one of our downtown steeples recently. It was a really pretty day, and although hot, there was a cool breeze up there. Here are some of the images as evening closed in on the Holy City.

Summer Family Portraits

Summer is not the ideal time for taking family portraits, but sometimes you just have to fit it into the schedule, and this is the only time that works. Even at 7pm, the sun is still high in the sky and the temperatures are close to 90 degrees in Charleston, never mind the humidity. All of that said, this family did great. The kids were engaged and cooperative, and Mom and Dad never lost their sense of humor.

Charleston Summer Family Wedding

Well, not technically (biologically) family, but we’ve known Jamie for 90% of his life, so he may as well be. After years of searching, he finally found his girl, also called Jayme, spelled differently but pronounced the same. It was an exciting weekend of re-connecting with friends and family, some of whom traveled a long way to be a part of the celebrations. Congrats Mr. & Mrs!