The marsh was not my intended subject matter. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you planned them, quite often in fact. I had decided to drive down to Edisto to do some long exposure photography at low tide, but conditions were less than ideal. Too many biting bugs, too few clouds, too many people, etc. I was determined to justify the (high) cost of gas plus my time so I needed to come away with something, anything! These were my despondent thoughts as I trudged back from the beach in the heat to the car across the stretch of marsh. As I stopped to swat yet another bug and set my camera bag down for a moment, I grabbed a couple of sweeping shots as a last ditch attempt to redeem the afternoon. Actually these two I like, and I did learn something from them too, ways to improve the technique. So, it is what it is. Can’t win ’em all. Kinda like golf.

When my grandkids come to me for a sleepover, we often end up playing in my studio. These are some of the images that we created this evening.

This event was held at the Hanahan Amphitheater last weekend. A bunch of Christian rock groups from mostly Southeastern states entertained the public from 11am in the morning to 11pm that evening. Folks had also set up booths and tents offering merchandise and counseling/prayer, and there were also fun activities for the kids. Great family friendly stuff and everyone had a good time.

On the last full day of my stay here, I boarded the bus that takes the coastal route all the way from Ryde in the east to the Needles headland in the West. I got lost a few times between the walking and finding the correct bus stop to get back on track, but I kept reminding myself of the old saying “Not all who wander are lost” and convinced myself that I was just wearily wandering, not necessarily lost. There is an Island Breezer bus (see pic below) that follows a more local route through the villages and points of interest in the western tip. This is fun and open at the top for better views.

Island Breezer Bus
Tennyson Down and the Needles Headland
Tennyson Down
Freshwater Bay and Sea Stacks
The Needless chalk cliffs
The Needles and Lighthouse
Alum Bay and Colored Cliffs

I mentioned in the previous instalment of my UK trip saga that I was planning to travel to the Isle of Wight for a few days. This I have done, by means of a train, hovercraft, bus, and tired legs. Once I had established the whereabouts of a grocery store and other mundane necessities, it was time to explore the island. I had decided not to bring a car so I have been relying solely on public transport. This involves a lot of walking, since the buses are not obliged to drop you off exactly at your point of interest. These are some images from today as I explored my little village of Bonchurch, together with its quaint beach, and the Ventnor and Wroxall Downs which rise up from the coast and overlook the coastal villages below.

Bonchurch Beach
Bonchurch Village
11th Century St. Boniface Church, Bonchurch
Ventnor Down (National Trust site)
View from Ventnor Down to Shanklin and beyond

Sometimes things just don’t work out as planned. Such is the case with my English expedition. The plan was to meet my sister in Stanton, the Cotswolds, spend a couple of nights in this cosy B&B, and then continue on to her home in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Well, the entire family came down with COVID (again) so as my Google Maps app says, “re-routing, re-routing”. Missing Mandy, I nevertheless found old ruins to explore, traditional pubs in which to dine, country walks for exercise and also for photo opportunities. Here are a couple more of those Cotswold area photos. Next, instead of going to Wales, I am heading in the opposite direction to the Isle of Wight, where I have found a place to stay that is part of the Home Exchange program that I belong to. Currently I am on a train bound for Portsmouth Harbor, and I will get the hovercraft from there to the IOW Ryde ferry terminal. I don’t yet have the exact address of my destination in Ventnor, IOW. Just praying that info comes in by the time I get there!

Hailes Abbey Ruins
Hailes Church, circa 1135
Hailes Church interior
Village of Nauton
Old Mill, Lower Slaughter

And now for something completely different from the marshes of the low country. I am in England for a couple of weeks, and staying in a beautiful little stone cottage in a village called Stanton. Here are some of the images that I captured yesterday while exploring the town. There is only one pub, no other restaurant facility, the nearest grocery store is an “express” (fruit, sandwiches, other basics) and is located a few miles away in the next village. The village is surrounded by soft green hills abounding with sheep, cows, and horses. It’s raining today but hopefully the weather will allow some further wanderings in the area.

On Sunday, April 24th it was the local area students who showcased their talents at the Royal Missionary Baptist Church in North Charleston. Artists ages ranged from pre-teen through college, but all the performances were professionally and enthusiastically delivered to the delight of the audience. Some of the bands that participated were the Charleston Jazz Academy combo, Wando High School Jazz Band, Charleston County School of the Arts Jazz Band, College of Charleston combo, Berkeley All-County Jazz Band, the Charleston Southern University combo, and others.

I was pleased to be hired to photograph several performances from Charleston’s seventh annual Jazz Festival which was held in various locations between April 21st – 24th. These images were captured on Saturday, 23rd April at the Charleston Music Hall where Kandace Springs and her band performed for the early show, and Etienne Charles & Creole Soul took the 8pm slot. Both performances were musically and visually excellent. Kudos to all the Jazz Festival staff and volunteers for putting this event together, showcasing 43 jazz musicians from all over the world, three High School jazz bands, and two student combos from the Charleston Jazz Academy. Another post will follow with images from the students’ performances on Family Jazz Day at the Royal Missionary Baptist Church.

Sometimes, when the tide is slack and there is no breath of wind, the water so perfectly mirrors the sky that it’s hard to figure what is sky and what is water, what is physically before you and what is a mirror image. This was just one of those evenings.