Monkey Business

I have posted about these guys in the past, but since nothing much else exciting goes on in my Mom’s retirement village, here is another episode, season 2 🙂

People put out food for the birds before they go to bed – big mistake! Problem is that monkeys get up earlier than the birds and so apply the old adage – “ya snooze, ya lose”.

Actually there was some other excitement the other morning, and it wasn’t good excitement. Five of the residents’ homes were broken into and robbed during the night. The little village is surrounded by a wall with an electric fence, and there are gate guards on duty 24/7, but these things still happen. Fortunately no one was hurt, but the old folks were still pretty rattled, especially one lady who sleeps with her phone right next to her bed and who discovered it gone the next morning!

Walking the Ciskei Coastline

I took another short break from the city of Durban and flew approximately 300 miles south to East London, and from there traveled back north a few miles to the quaint coast town of Gonubie where my sister and brother-in-law have a house. The house is on the Gonubie River lagoon, and we decided this morning to swim across the river and hike north along the beach for a few miles to a place called the Kwelera National Botanical Garden, also on the beach. It turned out to be more challenging than we expected, since a lot of the terrain was very rocky and flip flops should not have been my choice of footwear. We expected it to take an hour and it took more like 3 hours to cover the 4 mile stretch of coastline. Fortunately we were picked up by car at our destination so didn’t have to walk back. These are a few of the photos I took along the way.

The Sounds and Scents of the African Bushveld

I think that for those like me who were born in Africa, the pull of the wild stays with you, no matter where one wanders throughout the course of life. There is something that nourishes the soul when standing on untamed soil listening to the sounds of the birds and letting your senses absorb the wildness of the land and its inhabitants. This is the best of Africa, its finest gift.

A South African Christmas

Here I am back on the other side of the world, definitely on the bottom side 🙂 I will be here a month spending time with my mom and catching up with other friends and family members. My mom took a fall recently and has been recovering slowly. As a result we have restricted our adventures to her retirement village, hard for both of us. Adventurous spirits apparently run in the family. I have been stalking garden birds and finding colorful garden compositions to photograph and here are some of my favorites. Next week I will be visiting a game reserve for a couple of days, so hopefully I will be able to post some great wildlife images ….

Vintage Style Portraits

I’ve been doing quite a few family portraits lately – ’tis the season 🙂 The clients wanted simple, classic studio shots with a vintage look. These were some that got the old fashioned sepia treatment.

Tail End of Fall 2021

Some years I have barely managed to get away to my favorite places in North Carolina once during the fall season, but this year I was blessed with the opportunity to visit three times. These photos were from this third visit over Thanksgiving, and in Tryon the leaves were barely hanging on to the tree limbs. Thick carpets of dried foliage on the ground crunched underfoot as we walked the trails. Everything looked a glorious mess, and it was cool and crisp but sunny. So grateful for these good times with good friends.

Mother and Daughter Shoot

I photographed Sarah when she was pregnant with Jenna about 10 years ago. This lovely young lady is now nine years old. One of the things I most enjoy about portrait photography is the challenge of communicating personality and emotion. These images show so clearly the affection between these two. Thanks Sarah for choosing me through the years to document this journey.


It was a pleasure to have these two sisters in the studio the other day for some updated headshots. Gosh, I love what I do!

Upstate South Carolina

After spending some days in the Brevard area of North Carolina, I wandered back over the state line into upstate South Carolina where I stayed at a wonderful B&B in Salem called Sunrise Farm. Such fun to walk out of the door before sunrise and capture the light as it rakes across the pastures and signals the dawn of another day. Of course many farm people wouldn’t understand why this would be a big deal, but for a city girl, it’s a treat. Here are a few images from early this morning. These last few days of fall in the mountains have been amazing, but tomorrow it’s back to Charleston and the low country, home.

From the Sea to the Mountains

Every fall I try to spend time in Western North Carolina. I am like a child in a wonder world when surrounded by the brilliant colors of Fall. I don’t always time it right, but this time everything came together and I hit the peak for this area. I like to base myself in Brevard, because from here it’s a short run up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and elevations of 6,000 feet (where the trees are already bare) or I can wander around further down the mountains. Right now I’m socked in for a couple of days by a front that’s moving through and bringing a lot of rain, but here are a few from the last couple of days. No saturation added, in fact I had to back off the colors because they were almost an assault on the eyes! My favorite time of year.

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