Summer Family Portraits

Summer is not the ideal time for taking family portraits, but sometimes you just have to fit it into the schedule, and this is the only time that works. Even at 7pm, the sun is still high in the sky and the temperatures are close to 90 degrees in Charleston, never...

Charleston Summer Family Wedding

Well, not technically (biologically) family, but we’ve known Jamie for 90% of his life, so he may as well be. After years of searching, he finally found his girl, also called Jayme, spelled differently but pronounced the same. It was an exciting weekend of...

The Money Man

My client Jody is re-branding his business, creating a new website, etc. and needed some new headshots for his marketing plan. Don’t know where he found all these crazy shirts, but I believe his clients will get the message 🙂

Salt marshes of Botany Bay

The marsh was not my intended subject matter. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you planned them, quite often in fact. I had decided to drive down to Edisto to do some long exposure photography at low tide, but conditions were less than ideal. Too...

The Many Faces of Raven

When my grandkids come to me for a sleepover, we often end up playing in my studio. These are some of the images that we created this evening.