Quick Roadtrip through the Pee Dee, SC

Someone had advertised for sale a studio light that I had been looking for. The price was attractive, but it meant a 2-1/2 hour drive North of Charleston to Givants Ferry in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina. Where, you may ask would that be? According to Wikipedia… The Pee Dee is a region in the northeast corner of the U.S. state of South Carolina.[1] It lies along the lower watershed of the Pee Dee River, which was named after the Pee Dee Native Tribe, a state-recognized tribe of approximately 200 members.

Again, Wikipedia tells us that … The Pee Dee people, also Pedee and Peedee, are American Indians of the Southeast United States. Historically, their population has been concentrated in the Piedmont of present-day South Carolina. In the 17th and 18th centuries, English colonists named the Pee Dee River and the Pee Dee region of South Carolina for the tribe.

Well I’m always up for a road trip, especially if they are roads less traveled. I wasn’t disappointed, and these images are of scenes that caught my attention and were taken mostly along the Pee Dee Highway, off the US-701.