The Wild Side of Folly

Some of my favorite times to experience Folly Beach are when it’s wild and gray and gusty. Sunny days with children paddling and colorful beach umbrellas are great, but so are the days when storm squalls race across the sand and you know you have no chance to outrun them. The clouds are unruly and the sand is stinging, but it’s wonderfully beautiful all the same. This was such a day.

Renovation of McLeod Plantation

It was foggy this morning so I dropped by McLeod Plantation on the way to work to check on photo opps.  It turned out that a “mood” type image was going to be challenging due to all the construction taking place at the site.  There are workman all around the old plantation house, replacing windows, scraping off old paint, shoring up structural walls, etc.  It was great to see the old place being cared for, so the photos ended up being documentaries of its restoration process.  Can’t wait to see the finished product. For many more images of this project progression, please see my website at