Field Trip with Grandchild #3

This afternoon I picked up my 5 year old granddaughter, Torah for some one-on-one grandma time. When I arrived, she was ready to go in her sassy boots and with purse slung over her shoulder. We headed out to Fresh Fields at Kiawah to the Palmetto Scent Studio to create a unique olfactory sensation. After sniffing most of the overwhelming selection of scents on offer, she decided that “Mango” was her favorite, so the very patient sales assistant then directed her through the process of blending her aerosol perfume, complete with custom, hand-drawn label. That experience was followed by a visit to Ben & Jerry’s which featured a similarly paralyzing array of icecream flavors. We ate the icecream cones by the lake in the sun while keeping an eye on a large alligator sunning himself at a safe distance. This is important stuff, making memories, spending time.