Goodbye 2019

As we roll over another year and look ahead to 2020, may we learn from the mistakes we have made and make amends where appropriate. Life is like potpourri, the good all mixed up with the ugly and the bad. Take the good and build on it, leave the rest behind. This was the western end of Folly Beach last evening, CCPRC’s Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve. Dominion Energy lit the lighthouse from 6pm until 10pm for New Year’s Eve.

Harvest Moonrise over Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve

I am a sucker for full moons, a hint of lunacy perhaps 🙂 Anyway, it was a beautiful evening with a warm breeze blowing, and it was a treat just to be out on the beach. As the moon rose, it was almost as bright as day, with the trees, dritfwood, and people casting long shadows on the sand.

Morris Island Lighthouse comes to life!

I have photographed this iconic lighthouse for years in and out of season, at night, at sunrise, in good and bad weather, but this was the first time I had seen it all lit up, doing what it was built to do. This beloved relic should be fully restored as a necessary and integral part of Charleston’s history. Support “Save the Light” at

Morris Island Lighthouse lit up for 4th July
Morris Island Lighthouse lit up for 4th July