More from the Isle of Wight

On the last full day of my stay here, I boarded the bus that takes the coastal route all the way from Ryde in the east to the Needles headland in the West. I got lost a few times between the walking and finding the correct bus stop to get back on track, but I kept reminding myself of the old saying “Not all who wander are lost” and convinced myself that I was just wearily wandering, not necessarily lost. There is an Island Breezer bus (see pic below) that follows a more local route through the villages and points of interest in the western tip. This is fun and open at the top for better views.

Island Breezer Bus
Tennyson Down and the Needles Headland
Tennyson Down
Freshwater Bay and Sea Stacks
The Needless chalk cliffs
The Needles and Lighthouse
Alum Bay and Colored Cliffs

Another Fine Georgia Weekend

Last weekend I spent in the Georgia mountains, and this weekend it was the Georgia coast. A friend invited me down to Jekyll Island and showed me all around this unique piece of coastal heaven. I had visited many years ago, but had come away disappointed, not knowing where I should have spent time and feeling that I had wasted it. This time was different and I was introduced to all the locals’ favorite beaches that the visitors either don’t know about, or are unwilling to walk far enough to reach. On the way back to Charleston, we stopped at Darien to check on the shrimp trawler fleet. Some remain, but not nearly as many as there were years ago.

The Quaint Fishing Village of Arniston

Fishermen returning with their catch

Life hasn’t changed much in Arniston over the years. It is quite remote so this has been a saving grace against over-development, a fate sadly experienced by many similar coastal villages. People still fish for a living and live quietly, unperturbed by the frenetic digital world surrounding them. Here are a couple of images from my 24 hour visit. When I retire, I will return and spend longer.

Low Tide
Inside of the Wahenhuisekrans Cave
The Cauldron at Sunrise