Downtown Brevard

“It’s got everything you need, and nothing that you don’t”, words borrowed from the Zac Brown Band but totally applicable to this charming mountain town. The people are relaxed and friendly. One of my new Brevard friends told me that if someone honks their horn at you, you know they’re from somewhere else, because the folks just don’t do that here. Great restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, festivals, exhibitions, entertainment; there is always something going on in Brevard. Here are some cameos of my favorite downtown stores. The photo of the trio jamming was taken inside a local bakery – folks just gathering to enjoy music together and the locals going about their business, drinking coffee, working on laptops, and stuffing a couple Dollar bills in the tip jar.

Charleston’s Spring Charm

Well it’s becoming more and more difficult to find places to walk since my regular haunts (beach and county parks) are currently off limits. I understand the reason for this and the caution that needs to be exercised, but it’s a shame that an irresponsible and selfish segment of our community makes it necessary by not being willing to follow guidelines for social distancing. Spoils it for everyone. Anyway, that said, I enjoyed a downtown Charleston walk this morning, free of tour groups and general crowds. Every so often a local would pass by walking a dog or carrying a loaf of bread or cup of coffee. So refreshing. Here are some of the Spring sights that I admired along the way.

A Tourist in my own Town

The weather has been dull and blah for awhile, the way it often behaves when the seasons change, so when the sun peeked out for a day recently, I spent some time wandering the streets of beautiful historic Charleston, and remembering again why so many people visit.  Here are some cameos of the classic Holy City tourist experiences.